Aquahive installed in Swansea


Aquahive installed in Swansea

The FP7 Project NEPHROPS took a step forward today with the installation of an Aquahive in Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research, Swansea University. For more details see


Should scientists try to be poets?


Isopod Phylogeny by Walter Garstang

Sing a song of six legs, a new phyletic stage!
Four and twenty Isopods cradeled in a cage:
When the cage was opened, out they ran to play –
Wasn’t it a jolly thing to have a jolly day!

Mother rocked the cradle between her stogopods:
The youngsters ran about her seven pereiopods:
When they found she’d one more pair than they themselves,
They called a hasty conference on oostegal shelves.

MacBride was in the garden settling pedigrees,
Then came a baby woodlouse and climbed upon his knees,
And said: ‘Sir, if our six legs have such an ancient air,
Shall we be less ancestral when we’ve grown our mother’s pair?’