New poem by Leverhulme poet in residence to feature in forthcoming Advances in Marine Biology volume on Nephrops

The very first article in the forthcoming volume of Advances in Marine Biology on Nephrops norvegicus will be a poem by the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences Leverhulme Poet in Residence, John Wedgewood Clarke.


Night flowers opening from burrows
or are you lice in the folds of the sea bed –

I love your armour, your fauld o’ lames,
your gauntlet-greaves, your being none of these.

Dark eggs in the sea-dark foam like cuckoo spit
from joints, seethes of parasites,

and none of these. Pollen of dark
hunched and sprung silences shot slithering

across the deck of names in a final moult –
Langoustine, Dublin Bay Prawn, Scampi

in a basket, Nephrops norvegicus – silences
the buttered tongue. Just this side of night

your black kidney-eyes filter the moon,
bioluminescent shows – pictures no one inhabits.

John Wedgewood Clarke

University of Hull Leverhulme Poet in Residence
Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences